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Gariyaband (also known as Gariyabad) is a headquarter city of Gariyaband District. Although it is most important city of Gariyabad District, but it suffers from severe infrastructure deficiencies in many key areas. That said, it has still managed to make some decent progress in few key areas. On your trip to this city you can see the transformation which are making life of the people livable in this prat of West Bengal.
About Gariyaband
Bhutesvarnath Mahadev

Economy of Gariyaband

Gariyaband falls in a very non industrialized region and therefore economic importance of traditional agricultural sector in this part of the world is way too obvious. This importance is very easily reflected in employment numbers. More than 50% of Gariyaband’s local labourers are directly or indirectly engaged in agriculture sector. Talking specifically about indirect engagement in agricultural sector, then it mainly refers to many small scale agro based factories operating in and around this town. These decent number of agro based factories and other small industries play a second fiddle in generating employment and revenue for this town. Another important sector is service sector, which though is at a very nascent, but it generates sizeable employment for locals here. Gariyaband’s nascent and small service sector mainly compromises of decent numbers of banks, hospitals, clinics, retails shops etc. Overall, in conclusion it can be said Gariyaband is still an underdeveloped economy that is either struggling or is in a very slow process of modernizing itself.

Banking Services in Gariyaband

During past few decades banking services in Gariyaband town has certainly improved a lot. This much needed improvement has been obviously brought forth by increase in number of branches of reputed banks. Today many nationalized and private banks of repute are operating their branches in and around Gariyaband town. Overall, banking services in this town has certainly improved during past couple of decades.

Punjab National Bank
Address: Near Of Forest Barrier, Raipur Road, Gariyaband 495668 Chhatisgarh
IFSC Code: PUNB0725200
Phone no: 9424219021

Canara Bank
Address: Near Gram Panchayat Office, Opp-Water Tank, Gariyaband Bus Stand,
IFSC Code: CNRB0005148
Phone no: Not available

Address: Near Forest Naka , Rajim Deobhog Road,
IFSC Code: IBKL0001753
Phone no: Not available

Bank Of India
Address: Rajim-Deobhog state highway 2ab, Near forest naka, Gariyabandh distt. Raipur, Chhattisgarh pin 493889
IFSC Code: BKID0009375
Phone no: Not available

Healthcare Services in Gariyaband

On the front of hospitals all that this city currently offers is a 50 bedded District hospital and couple of private hospitals. Besides, government run primary healthcare center (PHC) and Community Healthcare Center (CHC) is also operating in this town. And that is about it. There is no multi specialty or super specialty hospitals in this entire city. Adverse impact of not having a well equipped modern hospital is too obvious on this town. The most obvious impact being that every year significant number of local patients have to unwillingly migrate to other cities for important surgeries and operations.

Hospitals in Gariyaband

The overall situation on the front of hospital is not a very pleasant one. However, Gariyaband’s local patients can feel relieved that there town at least has a decent number of chemist shops. There decent presence invariably ensures that local patients can anytime easily access life saving drugs and general medicines.

Laxmi Narayan Hostpital
Thakur Diya Chowk, Komakhan Road, Gariyaband, Raipur-Chhattisgarh - 493889, Chura
+(91)-9754134785, 9827115032

Safety and Security in Gariyaband

Gariyaband has a local police station that fully ensures that law and order situation in the town always stays in control. Located in the very heart of town, this police station is always open during day times for registering complaints from local citizens. However, barring very exceptional cases, most of the complaints pertain to pity and non serious crimes. The high percentage of complaints of pity crimes only goes on to prove that organized criminal elements have never found a breeding ground in this town.

Superintendent of Police in Gariyaband
Sh. Ram Gopal Garg
Office of the Superintendent of Police
Gariyaband, Police Distt., Chhattisgarh
Tel: 07706-241991 (O)
07706-241992 (R)
09977300416 (M)

Gariyaband Police Station: 07706 - 241 991

Tourist Destinations in Gariyaband

There are quite a few beautiful tourist destinations located in Gariyaband’s adjoining towns. Every year thousands of tourists from Gariyaband town and also from all across Chattisgarh state visit these tourist destinations. Below is a very brief information about these tourist destinations.

Gariyaband Tourism
Ghatarani Waterfall

Ghatarani Waterfall : Just 25 kms away from Jatmai Temple is Ghatarani Waterfall, unarguably one of the most beautiful and popular waterfall of Chhattisgarh state. Although you’ll have to do bit of tracking to reach this waterfall, but you’ll be rewarded for your efforts when you reach this waterfall. That’s because it is heavenly beautiful and is surrounded by immense lush greenery. This is exactly why it is one of the most popular picnic spots of Chhattisgarh state and also immensely popular among people of Gariyaband town.

Jatmai Temple :
This immensely beautiful Jain Temple resides in adjoining town of Rajim, located some 50 kms away from Gariyaband town. While this beautiful temple coupled with scenic surrounding makes for a heavenly setting, but what is even more beautiful is that just adjacent to this temple is equally waterfall. There are not many temples in our country that have beautiful waterfall adjacent to it. Well, this is what makes Jatmai Temple one of the very rare temples in our country. And this is exactly why it is so popular among people of Gariyaband city and visiting tourists alike. The best time to visit Jatmai Temple and waterfall is just after rainfall, i.e. from September to December. This is the time when waterfall has plenty of water.

Bhuteswaranath Temple : This is a huge Shivlinga that is located just 3 kms away Gariyaband town. The distinctive feature about this Shivlinag is that it is really huge in size and is located in a outdoor location and not inside a temple. Besides, this huge Shivling is surrounded by immense lush greenery on all four sides. All in all, Bhuteswaranath is a one of the unique shivling that you’ll ever come across.

Transportation in Gariyaband

Just like healthcare services, even transportation services of this town suffers from problems of infrastructure deficiency. This deficiency is most visible in town’s local transportation services, which is solely taken care by decent number of auto rickshaws. Although these decent number of auto rickshaws are duly playing their role, but their numbers are way too less. Besides, complete absence of alternative transportation services like bus or cab services makes job of local auto rickshaws further challenging. Coming to connectivity, then as today Gariyaband does not have a railway station. The nearest railway station is Mahasamund Railway Station, which is located some 53 kms away from Gariyaband city. For travelling to other parts of Chhattisgarh state and also outside Chhattisgarh state everyday significant number of Gariyaband locals do flock to Mahasamund Railway Station.

Gariyaband at a glance

Country : India
State : Chhattisgarh
Headquarters : Gariaband
Pin code : 493889
STD Code : 07706
District : Gariyaband
Nearest Railway Station : Mahasamund Railway Station
Nearby Tourist Attractions : Jatmai Temple, Ghatrani waterfall

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